Ouch, just saw really HORRIBLE website address!

Ouch, just saw really HORRIBLE website address!

Will not tell details exactly, but it is something like https://etg.fddd-dsda.north-unqwerty / com, used by large government organisation. In short, they try to attrack students to find more info on their website, spending thousands of dollars for their adds in social media.

I am sure everyone is happy - their marketing department is cool with that, their SEO company which send them bills every month is happy, their "social media expert" is also happy, and probably many other people, except the one who pays the bill!

Their CTR (how many people clicked) is very low - few are going to click name like that. And who is going to remember it, without actually writing it down? Answer: no one.

Well, in 2019 we can run our adds with domain names with hight CTR.

This organisation can use domain names like www.school.click or www.happy.click in their adds, forwarding visitors to main https://etg.fddd-dsda.north-unqwerty / com website. Use on billboards or TV as well. They will get more clicks, will pay far less money for adds, and while at it they can also fire their "social media expert", saving thousands of dollars each month!

Check out our .click domain names.

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