Appraisals & Consultancy

Status of service: we accept new orders now

Consultancy for Registries:

If you plan to launch your new gTLD extension, we will help you to better understand how to best approach domain investors, so your new extension will get good traction in domain investor's community and will be succesful from day one. We are able to advise you on pro's and con's of various pricing and promotion models & advise you how to price your premium domain names under specific selected model choosen by you. New gTLDs are still new and there are many potential errors which can be avoided with proper knowledge. In written form.



on request

Status of service: 

we will accept new orders again in Spring 2020

Interested in free appraisal from us? Join, and submitt your name to our appraisal thread HERE.

We do free appraisals there from time to time.

Appraisals for small domain investors:


we provide appraisal in written form.

It contains numerical valuation range, together with analysis of other important variables, including registration fee and yearly renewal fee, availability of close alternatives to the domain name, previously reported sales, history of the domain, and lot of of other useful infomation. It can be extremely helpful for domain investors who decide whether to renew their names, particularly for domain names with high premium renewal fees.  

We will take at least 1 hour to analyse the name in great detail.



on request

Important: if you are a domain investor or broker, and someone (potential buyer) conditioned a sale of a domain name you own or broker by ordering our appraisal, we will not provide this services for you. Never pay for an appraisal if that should be a condition of  a sale.

Status of service: we accept new orders now

Consultancy for business owners


we provide detailed picture about possible advantages of their choosen new gTLD domain name, in terms of SEO, brandability and user acceptance. We will also inform about any potential negative aspects of the choosen domain name should we find anythig of importance during analysis. This can help companies greatly to asses all benefits and risks of a new gTLD names, and can save them significant costs in some cases.

We will take at least 5 hours to analyze the name and prepare complete report.



written report - $1699 / report / 1 name

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