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The Internet has changed from black-and-white to color! We offer fantastic domain names for any business or personal needs - and all of our names are with low yearly renewals. Enjoy!

Brands.International is a private domain names marketplace. It consists of not-com domain names and brands.

Some of our domains are for sale (we are open to all reasonable offers), while for others we have interest to develop. If interested in joint-venture (we provide domain name + other resources, you provide work/skills/energy) please contact us for non binding consultation.

Our notable names are:

- Real estate domains

Royal.Estate, United.Estate, Classical.Estate, FirstClass.Estate, Globe.Estate - ideal for international real estate chains

Homes.Center - memorable domain name, can creat great brand for middle real estate segment

Premium.Property - unique domain, suited for high-end real estate. Ownership of the domain enables its owner to create exclusive sub-domains/websites free of additional costs. Examples are: USA.Premium.Property, Miami.Premium.Property, Dubai.Premium.Property, London.Premium.Property and unlimited number of others

Residence.Vip, LuxuryProperties.Vip, eHomes.Vip, PropertyInvestments.Vip - great names for real estate companies providing services to their VIP clients (or alternatively, providing VIP services to all their clients). Suitable also for companies operating in various countries, as .vip extension does not limit your business geographically.

RealtyFor.Sale, NewHomesFor.Sale -voice search oriented domains - when voice search is more prevalent in future, you will be ready

- Live Games and Virtual Reality domains


Players.Live, PlayGames.Live, WatchGames.TV, Game.Estate -  ideal for live games, player community, instant live play, live chat between players, game contests/tournaments

Virtual Reality:

VRGames.Live and VirtualGames.Live - category killer, self-explanatory domains, amazing for live portals focusing on virtual reality games.

VirtualReality.Market - unique domain for virtual reality gears, games, headsets, equipments

Virtual.Fund, Virtual.International, TheVirtual.Company - great names for companies dealing with virtual reality and/or virtual currencies.

- .LIFE domains

 Enjoying.Life - unique domain with more than 10 700 000 of exact Google searches

Dark.Life, Lonely.Life, Calm.Life, Kind.Life, Nicer.Life, Moon.Life, Holy.Life, Quantum.Life, Meta.Life, Cover.Life, Insuring.Life, Gaming.Life, Innovative.Life and around 40 other high quality .life names. Excellent for global brands, with tons of creative email opportunities, including,,, etc.

- Adult .LIVE domains

Guys.Live, Chicks.Live, Orgy.Live, Boyfriends.Live, Blacks.Live, GangBang.Live and others. Best possible names for global adult live cams operators. Other good keywords are already in use (please check examples of .live sites: sex*live, porn*live, boyfriend*live)

- .WORLD domains

product names including Lipstick.World, Popcorn.World, Baking.World, together with more generic names like Cure.World, Preserve.World, Blessed.World, Paradise.World, Modelling.World, Designers.World and others.

- E-commerce domains

Cigars.Vip, Commerce.Vip, Contact.Vip, ThePot.Shop, TheOnline.Store, TheNew.Store, TheExpress.Store, TheNeo.Store, TheFresh.Store, TheBio.Market, YourSuper.Market, TheGold.Market, Drinks.Zone, Alcohol.Zone, and many others.

-  Bitcoin and Crypto domains - amazing name suitable for almost any btc venture. Name is secured with ultra-low renewal fee of $25/year & - more general names suitable for any crypto coin site. Names are secured with ultra-low renewal fee of $25/year - unique, voice-search oriented domain name - great name for bitcoin-trading platform - ideal name for bitcoin start-up with plans of operating worldwide

- Religious domains

including Prayers.Live, Blessed.World and Highest.Faith

- Financial domains

Mortgage.International - category killer name for company providing mortgages in various countries

Refinance.Vip, MortgageLoans.Vip, LoanQuotes.Vip, ReverseMortgages.Vip, eLoans.Vip, eInsurance.Vip,  FindInsurance.Vip and dozens of other .vip names

Repay.Online, FastCredit.Online, SchoolLoans.Online, LoanQuotes.Online, FindLoand.Online and dozens of other .online names

Hypo.Online - category killer name for mortgage provider

Number of excellent brands:

Super.Email, Super.Glass, 1Las.Vegas, Vip.Technology, IOT.Place, Early.News, Clean.Industries, Silver.Industries, Golden.Cafe, Golden.Poker, Golden.Boutique, Golden.Hosting, Golden.Zone, Platinum.Business, Premier.Exchange, Advanced.Center, Prosperity.Zone, Rainbow.Zone, Morning.Host, Card.Systems, Swift.Network, Computer.Agency, Travelling.Agency, Media.Glass, Top.Glass. Failed.Media and many others.

Largest collection of Czech and Slovak e-commerce names in .online and .vip

names like Byty.Online, Parfemy.Online or Dovolena.Vip are particularly suitable for Czech and Slovak e-commerce projects.

Important note:

Availability and price of the domain names are subject to negotiation.


What is a not-com?

Simply put: A not-com is a domain extension that does not end in ‘dot-com’ (.com).

Now there are a variety of options joining ‘dot-com’ (.com) and ‘dot-org’ (.org) — two status quo extensions that have been around for some thirty years.

Nearly 1,000 new options have been made available in the last few years. They range from the professional (.agency) to the industry-specific (.photography) to trendy (.style) to international (.world) to fun (.guru).

Why do we need not-coms?

If you’ve tried to register a ‘dot-com’ domain recently, you understand the frustration. It’s hard to find a good domain name that isn’t already taken — or being held hostage by an investor looking to fetch a premium price from the highest bidder.

It was time to expand the Internet geography, so to speak. Especially as more and more startups and personal brands are coming online. Pretty much everyone needs a website nowadays, and the digital city called ‘dot-com’ has gotten crowded. So new digital cities have been created to support Internet growth.

Will having a not-com website affect my search ranking in Google?

No. Google has gone on the record saying: “new domain endings are not treated any differently than traditional domain name endings such as .com or .org. Domain names with new endings are shown in search just like any other domain name.”

Keep in mind, being “found” online isn’t pegged to your domain name alone. It’s part of a bigger SEO (a.k.a. search engine optimization) that puts tremendous value on website content, page load times and longevity. Be smart and strategic with how you build, support and optimize your website, and visitors will come.

Who is using not-com domains?

Celebrities and professional athletes are also embracing not-com domains for their respective brands and causes. Some examples include:

— Kanye West promotes his fashion line on

— Lady Gaga’s non-profit is on

— Pro golfer and 2016 Masters champion Danny Willett is at

— Social media sensation Michelle Phan is building her global brand on

— Retired international soccer phenom Ronaldo launched

— Pop superstar Demi Lovato directs her fans to

Plus, a handful of big brands have secured their very own branded domains. (These are not-com extensions that are only usable by the businesses that own them.) Examples include BMW (.bmw), Marriott (.marriott), Barclay’s (.barclays) and Google (.google).

Purchase process:

Once the agreement is reached, the transaction will be carried out using, a licensed and regulated online escrow company. acts like a middle man in the process, holding your payment until ownership of the domain is transferred to you. More on here.